Stone Veneer

Using Stone Veneer,

Stone veneer is an architectural product used in both commercial and residential construction. The application offers the look of real stone but is less expensive, less labor intensive, and doesn't require structural elements that normal stone demands. Stone veneer is made from either natural stone, or is a manufactured concrete product. In both cases, veneer is offered in a consistent thickness and is easily applied to substrates using a standard mortar mix.

Natural or fabricated stone veneer can be used for both interior or exterior applications. An example of interior use would typically be hearths and fireplaces. By using veneer, masons can build the fireplace using traditional methods, and then apply the product to simulate the appearance of fieldstone. The result is an attractive fireplace that is less labor intensive to build, and less expensive from a materials standpoint. Because of the nature of manufactured stone veneer, the home or business owner can choose from a wide selection of stone designs for their particular application.

Exterior veneer offers the same esthetic benefits as interior applications. The veneer can assume the appearance of any number of materials ranging from brick to river rock. Some benefits of using stone veneer on exterior surfaces is the ease of application. Because the veneer is lightweight, there is generally no call for wall ties or engineered footing to help support the product.

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