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Want to take it outside the house? Trust Eminent-construction to do it for you.

Whether you like to throw a party for your friends or need a place for the kids to be just kids or want to enjoy the beauty of nature from your backyard, we can provide you with ideas that would suit your house personality and easily fit in to your budget.

If you believe that it is time to upgrade your backyard than we are here to help you.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team that has been working on Backyard Designs with Pavers in Los Angeles for years who can transform your backyard in to an interesting and creative area where you will like to spend ‘me’ time.

Why Choose Pavers for your Backyard?

Pavers are considered by homeowners as their first choice for backyard landscaping. It embraces a decorative as well as aesthetic appeal that enhances the elegance of any home. They come in beautiful colors (like sandy gold, chestnut red, forest green and terracotta to name a few), patterns, textures and sizes, so extraordinary designs can be created with them. They go extremely well with all types of Backyard Paver Designs Ideas in Los Angeles.

Basic materials used for Backyard Pavers

Choosing the right type of paver for your backyard landscape can be quiet confusing. There are so many different types of pavers available in the market and it would be a task for you to decide which is better for your house. The decision doesn’t end here; you have to choose the material, texture, color, shape and the pattern of the pavers.

Natural stone Pavers

Natural stones are durable and can withstand the harsh effects of climate. It gives a rustic and natural appeal to the area. They can be installed in the backyard, driveway, pool side and as garden borders. They are bound to add a dramatic effect and add elegance to the backyard of your house. You can choose from limestone, sandstone, granite, travertine and so many more.

Concrete Pavers

They are a manufactured material made with combination of cement and aggregate. They are made durable enough to hold itself in high traffic areas and withstand the harshest of climate. They can be made to look like natural stones that too at a lesser price. Concrete pavers come in many colors as dyes and pigments are added to them.

Clay Brick Pavers

These are made with natural clay fired in high temperatures so that all the materials bond well. They have time and again proven to be the most durable for backyards or driveways. They come in colors that range from reds to browns.

Rubber Pavers

If you wish to install recycled environmental friendly pavers, than, go for these rubber pavers. They are not only environment friendly but prove to be cost effective. They are especially great for playing areas for kids.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Choose landscaping ideas for your backyard in Los Angeles and see it turn in to an awe inspiring beautiful backyard with Backyard Paver Contractor in Los Angeles. We not only transform your backyard but provide you with an opportunity for a better living.

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