Why Stone Pavers?

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Why Stone Pavers?

Four main Benefits of Using Stone Pavers
Why Stone Pavers?

Paving stones are exclusive and distinctive construction materials that have become popular in the home improvement niche. Homeowners, professional designers, and even architects like using paving stones, over concrete pavers and black asphalt, because they are durable, elegant, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home or property. Paving stones are ideal for walkway paving, driveway paving, patio paving and pool deck paving.

These are many benefits that make interlocking pavers, belgard, angelus pavers, and many other stone pavers, a suitable option for people who want to enhance the curb appeal and increase the value of their homes or properties:

Stone pavers are very cost-effective. If you have a low operating budget, but want to improve the overall appeal of your home or entertainment area, a paving stone is a good option. Stone pavers are cheaper than concrete and black asphalt, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor home improvement projects such as swimming pools, paver driveway, garden pathways, and many more. Moreover, if you are using interlocking pavers, you do not need to use cement or mortar to hold them together. You just click them in place and you are ready to go. Finally, you do not need any specialized equipment to complete your project, just the help of trained professionals and quality stone pavers supplier.

Unlike other materials such as cement, black asphalt, and wood, paving stones are attainable in a plethora of innovative designs and prints, colors, textures, shapes, and sizes that can enhance the appearance of your home. As such, whether you are looking for belgard pavers, angelus pavers, or any other type, you can easily find the right type of paving stone that complements your home and suits your personal needs. Make sure to buy your stones from a reputable retailer who will offer you quality goods.

Stone pavers are dense units that are exceptionally strong and durable. If you use them in a high traffic area such as a driveway, they can withstand heavy loads, extreme weather such as frost and heat, and even constant abuse, because of their tight dimensional tolerance. Unlike concrete that is solid and less flexible, stone pavers are placed in a segmental paving system and as such, as the weather changes from cold to hot and vice versa, it allows for contraction and expansion without cracking, or veering out-of-place. Also, paving stones are rated to withstand weight of 8000 PSI, almost 4 times stronger than concrete which is tested at only 2000 PSI, and again, due to their segmental paving system they allow better load distribution for traffic.

Stone pavers also allow rain water to drain through the spaces between the paving blocks and into the soil instead of creating puddles of water in your grass area or walkway/driveway, therefore they allow natural drainage.

Additional perk that is a huge plus to southern California properties, paving stones are earthquake resistant as they flex and shift with the ground without cracking or crumbling.

A paving stone project is very easy to maintain. If you have a patch that needs repairs for one reason or the other, you do not have to rip off your entire paver driveway, and install it a fresh. All you have to do is to unzip damaged, areas, re-grade the base, and then reinstall the same pavers. However, if a slab breaks (which rarely happens), you simply remove it, and place a new paving stone in its place. This helps to keep maintenance costs down throughout the entire life of your paver. In addition to its economic viability, you do not need to go out of your way when cleaning interlocking pavers. You only have to sweep and rinse it regularly to maintain its gleam. In case of heavy soiling or oil stain, you can spot-treat your paver with a brush and cleaning solution, or pressure wash it altogether.

In conclusion, your top reasons to choose stone pavers for your project:

  • Stone pavers are strong and durable.
  • Stone pavers are easy to maintain.
  • Stone pavers are versatile is shapes, patterns, textures and colors with offer endless design possibilities.
  • Stone pavers are cost efficient whether in the low maintenance they require or the cost of repair.
  • Stone pavers are resistant to earth shifting as they move with the ground.
  • Stone pavers are resistant to cracking as they are flexible and move with the shifting soil.
  • Stone pavers do no expand due to moisture absorption and therefore do not get frost damage.
  • Stone pavers can improve drainage as water can filter through the pavers and be absorbed in the soil.
  • Stone pavers are available for usage immediately after installation vs. concrete that may take up to 5 days to dry before traffic is permitted in the area. So go ahead, enjoy your patio, driveway, or walkway as soon as the pavers are placed.
  • Stone pavers increase the property value because of their aesthetic appeal.

To enjoy these and a host of other benefits, make sure that you use only the best quality product for your home improvement project. Research, do comparisons, and seek referrals, to find excellent one.

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