Why concrete?

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Why concrete?

Why concrete?

If it is time for you to make some renovations to your home and you are wondering how to dress up your walkway, driveway or the patio, then just relax! Concrete will no doubt be the best choice for all kinds of pavements. Whether it is for your home or office, concrete is one of the most reliable materials that you can use. It is the most used man-made material that provides:

  • Concrete has a long lifecycle, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Concrete gets stronger over time while other materials may deteriorate.
  • Concrete is versatile and can simulate the look of many other materials, it can be decorated with patterns and colors to look like flagstone, granite, brick and wood.
  • Concrete is an environmentally conscious and energy efficient material.

Now let us see what is concrete actually. It is an economical, durable and sturdy material that contains a mixture of gravel, cement and water treated scientifically to make the best pourable stone used for different purposes. The history of concrete and its unmatched strength goes back to the age of the Egyptians who built exclusive structures that stand still today.

There are various types of concrete. The common ones are namely the following:

Regular concrete is available in a pre-mixed form and it varies in its ability to absorb water. Contractors use this type of concrete mostly for regular installations in strengthening walkways, residential buildings and driveways.

Pervious concrete is a special type of concrete that allows air, rain water and water from other sources to seep through the material and that way is reducing overflow and recharging groundwater. By capturing water and allowing it to seep through the material into the ground applying this type of concrete is a great technique to address environmental issues, protect water quality and supports green and sustainable growth.

Stamped concrete is specially treated when it is still wet to give it an exclusive finish like bricks, wood, cobblestone and others. It is also known as architectural concrete as it lends an artistic look to the entire space. Primary colors are added to the concrete to bring the special effects. It is the best choice for you if you wish to get the elegant and sophisticated look to your home or office and it is easy to maintain.

Shotcrete concrete is used when covering vertical soil or rock surfaces. It is a construction technique that projects the concrete through a nozzle at a high speed and with force onto a surface. Sometimes, fiber reinforcements are added to the basic mix.

When you are selecting concrete for your project, be specific about the materials and the strength of the concrete that depends largely on the mixture. There are certain important points to note when you select the materials for the concrete walkway or the concrete driveway for your home and office. Since it lends a natural appearance to the surroundings, it must match the existing décor of the house/office. Do not go for cheap materials or compromise on the quality of the materials. They are not very expensive so a few dollars more will give you satisfaction for a lifetime. There have been a lot of improvements and variations in the styles, shapes, colors and textures of concrete nowadays. So choose the perfect one that meets your requirements, is according to your taste and gives an exclusive look to your home and office that portrays your style.

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