Concrete Installation

One of the most versatile and long lasting construction material used for both outdoor and indoor designing has become the most trusted materials to design a walkway, patio, driveway or stairs. It also proves to be highly economical than other materials like stones or pavers.

Builders have moved over the plain gray finish and introduced new finishes, patterns and textures for almost all types of concrete surfaces.

The cost of concrete installation in Los Angeles depends upon the size, finish and the preparation of the area where regular concrete installation is done. The use of concrete in today's time is double than the usage of steel, wood, plastics and aluminum all combined.

What is Concrete installation?

To install new concrete there are various choices available from color to patterns to textures and finishing. Concrete can be broomed, washed, stained, stamped, colored and even seeded with stones. Be it any color or texture, our concrete company in Los Angeles offers high quality regular concrete installation.

Types of Concrete Finishing

1. Broom Finish
It is one of the simplest finishes in which a broom is pulled across the poured concrete to give texture.

2. Colored Concrete
There are two ways by which concrete can be colored. The first one is by adding an integral mix when the concrete is being made at the plant. The second one is by dusting the top coat of the concrete poured over the path.

Colored concrete has color variations and is prone to fading and blotchiness so we at concrete company Los Angeles prefer dust on colors for a well finished effect.

3. Exposed or Washed Finish
In this finish, the top layer of concrete is washed away so the natural aggregate stones are exposed. This type of finish can be seen in many older city sidewalks.

4. Salt Finish
This type of finishing is more commonly used for swimming pool decks. The process begins with seeding rock salt in the concrete surface and then washing it away. It results in creating small pits over the surface of concrete. It is then colored and salt finished.

5. Stained Concrete
This process can be performed on either new or already existing backyard concrete installations in Los Angeles. Once the concrete is installed, a broom finish is added to it. A specialized concrete stain is sprayed over it once the broom finish is cured.

6. Seeded Aggregate Finish
Decorative stones are set in the top layer of the concrete mix and a pebble texture is given during the finishing process.

7. Stamped Concrete
Concrete is installed and then stamped with patterns. Color and other finishing methods can also be used.

We typically advice not to give a smooth texture to the backyard concrete installation in Los Angeles as there are chances of slipping when the floor is wet.

How to install Concrete?

Installing concrete requires a few typical steps and preparing the area before that. We provide you with the best concrete installation in Los Angeles. Concrete is not an easy material to work with as it leaves no room for mistakes. If the concrete mixture dries up before the finishing work, it has to be redone again. So it is always advisable to hire the help of concrete company in Los Angeles.

How to install Concrete Patio?

A concrete patio can be installed within a couple of days and proves to be an affordable structure. A patio is a place where you can just sit back and relax or entertain guests. A concrete patio allows the homeowners to blend the interior and exterior of the house.

It even costs less than the regular brick or natural stone patios as concrete are less labor intensive to install. It is easy to maintain and stands up to the harshest of climatic conditions.

How to install pavers over concrete?

Concrete is used for its practicality and affordability. After a few years it starts looking dull as cracks and satins accumulate on it.

To pep up the look of the concrete area, installing pavers over concrete is a better option than pouring concrete over it again. Pavers would change the entire look of the area and it will require less skill and time. It can work for almost all projects unless the surface is uneven.

How to clean concrete surface?

Concrete is preferred by most homeowners as it requires very little or no maintenance at all. But the concrete surface should be cleaned regularly as dirt and grime will build up slowly.

Cleaning concrete surface is an easy and inexpensive affair. Use cleaners and procedure depending on the surface like exterior floor, counter tops or stairs so that the surface is not harmed by the cleaning product.

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Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway

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