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All of us wish to live in a house that gives out a great impression by setting it apart from the rest. The first thing that you or anyone else will see in your house is the walkway that leads to the front door.

A walkway is much more than just a path that takes you in and out of your house. It adds that aesthetic appeal to the place by adding a sense of grandeur to the place.

If you already have a walkway and wish to transform it then Eminent-Constructions are right here to assist you. We will turn that drab place in to an area where you would want to go again and again.

What is a Concrete Walkway?

Plain gray concrete installed in the walkway is an old site. Move over and give way to newly develop decorative concrete. It comes in stained, colored, molded as well as other personalized styles that are being used in stores, restaurants, malls, offices and homes.

Concrete is the most opted material for a walkway due to its versatility. It can give the look of natural stone, brick or tiles depending on your personal choice. Concrete walkways have become an area where you can show your artistic side.

Here are some concrete walkway design options to suit your individual requirements.

  • ⊥  Straight

If a formal entry is what you want to give the visitors than the straight walkway design is perfect for you.

  • ⊥Curved

An informal and organic entry to your abode gives the visitors a view of the landscaping and breaks up the traditional geometric style.

  • ⊥Colored walkway through stains or integral colors

Get any desired color with the help of staining and dying products. Use warm inviting tones that would add to the curb appeal.

  • ⊥Stamped

Get the look of natural stones or pavers and add stamping for an additional touch of detail.

  • ⊥  Decorative Borders

Just adding a border to your concrete walkway can change any look drastically.

  • ⊥  Exposed Aggregate

It is another option for making a walkway as it is a textured surface that doesn’t move under your feet.

For a narrow garden walkway concrete of low strength is required where else for a patio, thresholds or stairs concrete of medium strength is suitable. High strength concrete is used for high traffic areas like a driveway.

Where do we need a Concrete Walkway?

A concrete walkway is a perfect solution for

  • ⊥  Creating an entry to your front door
  • ⊥  Connecting a porch to the street
  • ⊥  Connecting a porch to the driveway
  • ⊥  To get from the backyard to the front without stepping on the landscaping
  • ⊥  Create a path through the garden
  • ⊥  Public walkway in front of the residential or commercial buildings

What if I already have an existing walkway?

There are many ways to pep up an already existing walkway. Eminent-Construction is one of the leading contractors of concrete walkway installation in Los Angeles and will provide with various options to upgrade your walkway.

1. Resurfacing the Walkway

If small cracks or chafing has appeared on your walkway than a small coat of resurfacing compound can be placed on it to hide the unsightly cracks. It can only be done if the concrete is structurally sound but if there is movement in the concrete, the best option is to tear it out and re-pour.

2. Stain the Walkway

In this process the top most layers will be colored to give a mottled or natural stone look. The stain will not have a uniform look as it combines differently with the areas of the concrete.

3. Overlay the Walkway

A thin coat of concrete is poured over the top so stamping and staining are both possible. Like resurfacing, overlaying too can be done only if the concrete is structurally sound.

As the leading contractors for concrete walkway installation in Los Angeles, we understand that a concrete walkway plays a key role in making your guest feel invited.

How to make a Concrete Walkway?

  • ⊥  Exposed Aggregate
  • ⊥  Flagstone
  • ⊥  Gravel
  • ⊥  Precast
  • ⊥  Stained
  • ⊥  Stamped
  • ⊥  Textured

How to Build a Concrete Walkway?

Let us help you design an idea and see it taking shape in your house. Only a few steps and your concrete walkway are ready for use.

I. Design the walkway

Decide on the length and pattern of the walkway.

II. Prepare the Site

Preparing the site is utmost important to get a well-finished look. If there is any grass, it needs to be cut and the surface needs to be leveled.

III. Ordering the Concrete

The amount of concrete required depends upon the length and the design of the walkway. Also if it needs to be colored or textured should be thought about before ordering the concrete.

IV. Pouring & Finishing

The final part is pouring the concrete over the area and adding the finishing touches. Once it is leveled and designed, it can take up to 24 hours to completely dry and then your concrete walkway is ready for use.

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Concrete Driveway

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