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The Eminent Construction team of painters is expert at Exterior Home Painting services, including stucco.

House painting exterior highlights:

House Painting Exterior highlights the most striking features of any home. Most importantly, clever use of colors can even mask the flaws in design, boosting the visual appeal and increasing the market value of the house.

Steps in Painting House Exterior:
-Covering of all pathways, windows, doors and flower beds.
-Removal of loose paint by power washing, i.e. use of water pressure between 2200 to 3500psi.
-Removal of loose paints by scraping and sanding to ensure proper removal of loose paint and filling of cracks or holes.
-Drying the house to avoid premature peeling of paint, e.g. for application of oil-based paint one should wait for a day or two, while latex paint can be applied only after a day.

Painting the house exterior over a dirty or wet surface always proves to be a bad idea.

Some Tips for Painting House Exterior:
-Painting an old home:
Recreating original color scheme would be great but choosing bright colors on old architecture may offer exclusivity.
-Setting the house apart from others:
If the neighboring houses have chosen bright colors, then one shouldn't repeat the same color shades (That's only a suggestion).
-Getting ambience:
One may choose colors like earthy palette of browns & greens or combination of vivid blues and coral colors in order to blend well with surrounding landscape or garden.
-Harmonizing colors:
The color scheme should mingle well with roof, vinyl windows, railing, steps & interior furnishings.
-Focusing on details:
Use of too many colors may overwhelm the house; using 2-3 colors is fine. Use of light colors like white makes the home look larger, while dark or contrasting colors draw attention to architectural details.

Choosing paint for house exterior, few Points to be kept in mind:
-Paint Durability:
Often dark colors like deep red tend to fade quickly as they are good heat absorber and it's difficult to match the exact shade when one tries to give small touch-ups. But dark colors don't show stains and dust and give the house a sophisticated look.
-Paint Sheen:
Paint comes in sheens varying from flat to glossy. Though glossy paints may seem easy to clean, yet they may show touch up marks and imperfections.
-Color Deceptions:
Usually color shades appear lighter when viewed in sunlight. Hence, one must first apply the paint on a small patch of wall before buying cans of paints.

Hence, one should carefully choose the paint for the exteriors considering the size and complexity of the house, while striking a balance over the entire house.

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