Interlocking Pavers

History of Interlocking Pavers…

The interlocking pavers also referred as segmental pavers have been in use since thousands of years. The Romans were the first to make use of this long lasting material to make roads and some of those roads are still in use.

In those times, the roads were constructed using a strong base of lime and gravel and then covered with tight fitting stones. The end result as we can still see is an excellent roadway with no maintenance under any type of weather conditions.

But the kinds of pavers now in use originated not until 1940’s and were called Holland stones. They turned out to be more durable and more economical to produce.

Today’s Interlocking Pavers

The modern interlocking pavers are made from a dry mix of gravel, sand, cement and color. The mixed amount of water, concrete and the size of aggregate together fluctuate the strength of the concrete pavers.

The interlocking stems from the fact that, not a single paver will move independently without disturbing its neighbor. The sharp angular sand filled between the joints lock them together.

  • •  Pavers are manufactured in a variety of designs, colors and textures to add that vim and vigor in your surroundings.
  • •  The installed paving stone can last up to 30 years serving you in any type of weather.
  • •  They can be used for any type of commercial or residential requirements.
  • •  Low or no maintenance required.
  • •  Can be installed in high traffic areas.
  • •  Skid and slip resistant.
  • •  Can be replaced or repaired easily.
  • •  Fits in your budget.
  • •  Do not crack like other surfaces.
  • •  Can be used for both the inside and the outside of the property.

Install Interlocking Pavers

Eminent-Construction leaves no stones unturned with interlocking pavers’ installation Los Angeles. You get more than you expect in terms of design and pattern. The pavers once installed by us require minimal maintenance and provides a cooler surface.

Within few hours of interlocking pavers’ installation Los Angeles, the area can be used. The pavers do not chip or crack that easily but in case it does they can be easily removed and reinstalled even if it is a single paver.

The installation begins with demolition or removing the old area as we need to go down a minimum of 7 inches and compact the sub base. Next is installing the base and then sand bedding.

After all this preparation comes the pavers part as they are cut accordingly and set in the sand. Once they are compacted, more sand is used to fill in the joints between the pavers.

Best Interlocking Pavers Contractors

We are one of the best interlocking pavers’ contractors in Los Angeles offering you the highest quality in terms of the pavers and their installation. Our eminent team has an extensive history of successful installations for our eminent clients.

Whether you wish to get a new driveway, patio and walkway or wish to use pavers in the inside of your property, you know where to find the very best interlocking pavers’ contractors in Los Angeles.

Maintaining Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers prove to be cost efficient mostly due to its long lasting quality. It is a onetime investment that gives you benefits for decades to come. The materials used to produce these interlocking pavers are made of recycled materials and are environment friendly.

Pavers are low maintenance and do not require any service like resurfacing or resealing. Just washing and cleaning the paver area regularly. Use stain removers or cleaners that are specifically designed for cleaning pavers.

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