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We at Eminent Construction build new construction & additions from start to finish. When we build a home or add to it, we always keep our clients in the loop and do a clean job. And with us, the cost of building a house or making additions is competitive. We will guide you through the process, from setting a budget and choosing the right home plans for you to making your dream home a reality. Professional planning and high quality craftsmanship are the key.

General Construction Is Offered By Us With Quality and Perfect Service:

Adding more space to your house will not only expand your home and make it more suitable for your personal and family needs, but it will also increase the value of your house. Types of home additions range from adding a second story to your house, adding a sun room or garage to expanding existing rooms such as making your kitchen, bathroom or living room bigger to give you more space. Eminent construction can help you enhance the appearance and functionality of your house.

Types of additions:

You can add more space in your bathroom to enjoy more luxurious and comfortable bathroom. An extra sink or a bathtub for instance can improve the look of your bathroom and add indulgence to your daily routine. Many people choose to expand their garage to park another car or add storage space.
One of the main additions people make to the home is in to the kitchen area. This kind of renovation will allow you to add more or bigger appliances and cabinet storage space to your kitchen. You can add or expend an existing dining area if your family had grown or you like to entertain guests.
Room additions need to be constructed by professionals as such construction involves careful architectural planning and experienced structural builders that meet the demands of today's sophisticated construction. We at Eminent Construction make sure to help every family renovate their dream house from the biggest to the smallest of additions.

Add an extra space to your house today and enjoy a new exercise room, bigger kitchen, newer looking bathroom or any other type of space that you plan to have renovated.

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