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    While driveways, patios, floors, and other flatwork remain the most popular concrete installations, concrete staining and other decorative concrete projects have come into their own.

    Why Eminent Construction is your choice of concrete contractor in Los Angeles.

    Renown as an elite group of high-end hardscape specialists, Eminem Construction’s professionals have worked on some of the most challenging and complex projects. Every line, every cut, and each structural element is treated with the utmost care and executed with absolute precision.

    As a Residential Concrete Contractor in Los Angeles

    Concrete can be given several specialized treatments that can give it a complex and decorative treatment. The vast majority of homeowners are unaware of the quality and versatility of concrete and what it can do for your home. Concrete finishing can create a concrete surface that imitates nearly any material available and often for considerably cheaper. This includes not just the texture of the concrete, but the color and design. Concrete can be just as smooth as any stone tile and with essentially the same patterning. More than just imitation, decorative concrete can be stained or stamped with any kind of artistic impressions.

    Decorative concrete is usually focused on interior home improvements, including floors, countertops, and coffee tables among others. Yet, decorative concrete is also a common and excellent choice for outdoor installations such as outdoor kitchen fixtures or driveways tamped to look like stone driveways. Entire concrete homes are becoming more and more popular as well. Concrete creates a nearly indestructible, energy-efficient home. Decorative concrete techniques have enabled residential concrete contractors to add the always desired curb appeal back into concrete installations.

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