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    At Eminent Construction we have mastered all the steps involved in laying flagstone.

    Advantages of flagstone driveway and flagstone patio:

    Flagstone driveways and flagstone patios have become immensely popular among a vast number of people. The several advantages of flagstones over other types of patio designs have made it the first choice for people who really care for aesthetic appeal. Flagstones are available in assorted colors and the element of rusticity attached with flagstone driveway or patio cannot be matched by other types of patio designs. The fact that various flagstones come with different markings makes it truly appealing and a traditional or classic look can be easily achieved with flagstone driveway or flagstone patio. Some of the popular colors available include blue, green, grey, red and white and in these days, some people experiment with a combination of assorted colors to make the patio look elegant and unique. It all depends on your discretion to select the best one that goes in complete harmony with your desires.

    The durability of flagstone driveway or patio is a tried and tested one and the inherent toughness of the flagstones will help it to withstand hostile weather conditions. The danger of having a slippery surface during the rainy season can be averted with flagstone and you do not have to worry about the maintenance cost of the flagstone as well. Simple sweeping and pressurized hose downs will serve the purpose of maintenance.

    Another important aspect about flagstone is that they are available in many sizes and you have the luxury of choosing from different varieties to suit your requirements. The construction process of the flagstone work must be done with great amount of care and attention.

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